Windows 7 Upgrade Chart Unveiled


It’s an “official windows 7 upgrade chart” that you can’t find from Microsoft website. It was sent from Microsoft to Wall Street Journal who published in full and caused a bit stir yesterday.

The chart self actually explains very well which path should be taken when planning to upgrade to Windows 7, even though many claim it’s so confusion. If you think so, just check a much simplified version at DownloadSquad, or a clear version from Ed Bott.

So what’s officially on Microsoft website re Windows 7 upgrade path?

You can download this document from Microsoft, which also explained in very detail. For supported upgrade scenarios, mainly from Vista, see the table below:


And for any other unsupported upgrade scenarios,


In short, upgrade directly from Windows XP, Windows 7 Beta, and Windows 7 RC to Windows 7 is not supported. Maybe it’s doable but it’s highly not recommended.

Other things to check out

Whatever path you choose to upgrade from, it’s always a good idea to run Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor for a quick checkup. You never know what’s going to happen when planning an in-place upgrade.

Windows upgrade page, called “Can my PC run Windows 7”, is also a useful official source to check out. At least, everything said there is an official advise that all end users shouldn’t ignore.

Hope you have a much smooth upgrade path to Windows 7 down the road.



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