Windows 8.1 How To Avoid Enter Password When Unlocking Tablet Device


By default Windows 8.1 tablet’s device unlocking experience isn’t very well configured. Regardless of the form factor, Windows will ask user to enter their password to log-in. This is troublesome especially if you have a long and complicated password. Thankfully, you can change this behavior; the simplest way I found is to use the 4-digit PIN. You can configure your Windows tablet such that login will only require a 4-digit PIN and any subsequent unlocking will not prompt for anything. It’s worth noting that since Windows 8, Microsoft has introduced a new way to unlock your device, picture password. Even though picture password is innovative, it lacks the rate of success to unlock the device compare to a 4-digit PIN. In real life practice, using picture password often takes longer and is more error-prone compared to 4-digit PIN. If your tablet doesn’t contain any sensitive data, and you are using it merely for content consumption, this combination of user credential and unlocking mechanism works very well.

How To Setup 4-Digit PIN on Windows 8.1 Tablet

Go setup a 4-digit PIN, you need to go to PC Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options >

Add a PIN

Windows 8.1 4-digit-pin

Before this you need to confirm the current user credential.

Windows 8.1 4-digit-pin

Enter and repeat the 4-digit PIN.

Windows 8.1 Password Policy

Lastly under Password policy section > make sure select > Never require a password option. That’s it. Now you don’t have to enter a password for your Windows Tablets ever again as long as it’s waking up from a sleep state. If you restart your machine, all you need to enter is the 4-digit PIN instead of your long complicated password. Note this doesn’t mean that you have changed your password to be the 4-digit PIN, all this is doing is by providing an alternative password for this device access.



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