Windows 8 App: Disk Falcon


Disk Falcon is a free native Windows 8 App built by Sad Cat Software, a game studio that also happens to have the passion building a disk scanning utility. Based on highly acclaimed game engine used in “Ultraviolet Dawn”, Disk Falcon shines with the polished fully animated in real time user interface.

Disk Falcon - #1

The scan results can be broken down by individual files, file types, or ages, and presented in either doughnut, or bar chart.  You can even remove the unneeded files or folders to the special bin to be queued for later deletion.

The real-time animated scanning and actions are quite entertaining with a sci-fi vocal responding to your instructions. I have to admit that it’s quite a difference experiencing a disk scanning utility on Start screen with your finger or mouse.

You can download and install Disk Falcon directly from Windows Store on your Windows 8 machine. It’s free, while its Mac version costs $9.99 to have.

Here are a few other screenshots for you to check out.

Disk Falcon - #2

Disk Falcon #3

Disk Falcon #4




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