Windows 8 App: Multimedia 8


Windows Media Center is no longer free but that is ok. Time to look for the alternatives. Multimedia 8 could be a good candidate that comes out as a native Windows 8 media player app. It’s free but offers a lot more than what Media Center used to offer.

Multimedia 8 - #1

It allows you to open medias from different sources, no matter where they are, either from the local storage or the remote media server, or even on the web. It recognizes both SRT and WebVTT subtitles format and loads them automatically when detected. You can also search your libraries and media servers if you’ve got a quite large collection.

The other cool feature I quite like is that you can dynamically convert or trim the media stream into MP4 or WMV format.

The video playback works quite smoothly, thanks to its video stabilization feature. You can trim, and save the video to different formats while the video is still playing.

Multimedia 8 - #2

Multimedia 8 also supports 3D video, as well as letting you record video or audio through the recording devices on your Windows 8 computer.

You might ask why we need this while we’ve already have the native Video app that comes with Windows 8 also works. Well, isn’t Video app too basic? At least it seems to me.

It’s also worth noting that this app has the permission to use 7 your local resources, including home/work network, libraries, webcam, microphone, and internet connection.

Multimedia 8 is a native Windows 8 app that you can download and install directly from Windows Store.

Publisher: Marcelo Garcia
Category: Music & Video




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