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PC Benchmark is a Windows 8 native Modern App that measure the speed of your computer’s main component: Disks, RAM, Processor, and Graphic Process Unit. It’s free and quite simple. It doesn’t a lot of other features but does provide you some information how performance your Windows 8 computer is, especially those ARM-based Windows RT devices such as Microsoft Surface RT because none of them are able to run the desktop based benchmark tools that are available on the market.

PC Benchmark - all test done

When you are in the app, you can run each of the tests one by one, or run them all at once. The test may take a little while to finish. To make sure the test run smoothly with accurate information, do not run other apps the same time. Just sit back relax a little bit while waiting for the result.

Disk Test involves 3 types of benchmark methods, Linear, 512K, and 4K, for both Read and Write tests. CPU Test checks the processors in Single-threaded, Multi-threaded, as well as Threads in general. All results are in MB per second.


While PC Benchmark is very helpful measuring Windows RT devices, it doesn’t provide a baseline telling us how good or bad these numbers are. It would be nice giving some information that tells people how their Windows 8 machine performs against the average.

Note that if you are running Windows 8 on an Intel-based processor, make sure check these desktop-based benchmark tools that are better with more information about your computer.

You can find and download PC Benchmark from Windows Store for free.

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Last updated: 08/04/2014

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