Windows 8 App: Quick Note


Quick Note is a native Windows 8 app for quick notes taking. It’s a very simple but efficient app that can be used as notepad, scratchpad, clipboard, or a simple to-do list. The Quick Note starts off with a list of existing notes listed as tiles, with a New Note tile at the top left corner to launch a new note when needed.

Notes can be edited, deleted, or pinned to the Start screen. And you can do so through the application bar by tapping or right-clicking the note.

Quick Note (3)

The deleted notes can be restored from the in-app recycle bin, which can be brought up from the top application bar.

Quick Note (1)

With the snap feature, you can snap Quick Note to have other app shown side by side so that you can take the note without the need of flipping with apps back and forth.

Quick Note (4)

After a few minutes of playing around with the app, I am finding myself quite like its simplicity. I would suggest a saving to the cloud feature or sharing capability so that it can be used on multiple devices with the access to the same notes that have been taken on other devices.

Quick Note is a FREE Windows 8 app that you can download and install directly from Windows Store.

Publisher: Diigo
Category: Productivity


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