Windows 8 App: Readiy – A Full Featured Feedly Client for RT


Ever since Google Reader got its dead sentence, Feedly has been my choice of RSS client and it’s been good so far. My only complaint is the lack of a native app on Windows 8 that keeps me from reading my feeds on my RT tablet. And I’ve been waiting…no more.

Readiy finally put my endless waiting to the end. It’s by far the best RSS Feed Reader for Feedly. Extremely fast, fluid, and packed with almost all features you can find on Feedly. And because it’s a native Windows 8 app, it works not only on Windows 8 devices, but also all tablets powered by Windows RT.


When you first use the app, you will need to sign into your Google Account that’s associated with Feedly, giving the permission to access the Feeds saved in Feedly. The process is straightforward and can be done within seconds. And if later on you want to switch to another account, you can Reset Feedly account from the Settings charm bar.

The reading list is tile based, not my first choice of reading through a long list of feeds but still looks pretty good. From the bottom bar in the app, you can sort, filter the items, mark all items read, or manually refresh the feed list. And from the top, you will have more options to change the listing to choice the items you want to read, from Category, Feed, Starred Items, or mark them with more choices.

Readiy - All Items from top
Readiy – All Items from top

There is one little thing I really like to point out that would make my reading a much easier task. Notice the little 3rd icon at the bottom right of each tile? Clicking that will mark all previous items in the list read. You will get a confirmation prompt before really marking those items read.

Readiy - icon to mark all previous items read
Readiy – icon to mark all previous items read

The actually reading page is what I like the most with a lot of reading options to choice and sharing features to use. You can star the item, which is equivalent as saved item in Feedly app, turn on Readability right from the top. From the settings, you can change the Reading Theme, Light to Dark, Font Style/Size, Text Alignment, as well as the way how you want to open the link. What I like the most, I can save the items to the choice of Instapaper or Pocket for further readings. All integrated seamlessly right within the app, and all work nicely like a charm. Instapaper account can be set up through App Settings page in Settings charm bar.

Readily - reading options with integration of Instapaper and Pocket
Readily – reading options with integration of Instapaper and Pocket

You can also share the reading item to other apps that you have installed on your Windows 8 machine, through Share from the charm bar.

Readiy - sharing through Charm Bar
Readiy – sharing through Charm Bar


Readiy is a very nicely built Windows 8 app that works on both Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. It certainly makes my Surface RT tablet more valuable to have and will most likely make me to use it more down the road. I only hope there will be more and more apps coming out from Windows Store with the same good quality as Readiy, and less and less craps approved to be available on Windows Store that only wastes people’s time.

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