Windows 8 App: TeamViewer Touch


TeamViewer, if the name didn’t ring the bell, is an all-in-one remote support tool that also does Online meetings. It’s my no. 1 go-to tool when remote support is needed, mainly for 2 reasons. It’s free, though for private use only, and doesn’t need a browser. Not mention that it’s portable and multi-platform supported, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and now Windows 8.

Windows 8 App - TeamViewer Touch

TeamViewer Touch is a touch version TeamViewer that works pretty much the same as the desktop version. Start the app, enter in the TeamViewer ID of the remote computer, and hit Remote Control button. Key in the password when prompted, and you are off to go on the way to the desktop of the remote computer.

You will need to start the TeamViewer Desktop app on the remote computer first and you will need to obtain the session ID and password shown up in the app before launching the remote control process.

While in remote control session, you can fully use the touch to operate the remote computer’s desktop. You can also bring up the App bar for specific touch feature like snap, ctrl+alt+del, app commands, etc.

Windows 8 App - TeamViewer Touch - remote access

The other notable neat features available in this app includes:

  • highest security standard – all communications between computers are encrypted in 256-bit AES encode and 1024-bit RSA key exchange.
  • No configuration needed, ever. No modifications needed on firewalls or proxy servers.
  • multi monitor supported – you can switch between multiple screens easily within the app.

TeamViewer Touch is a native Windows 8 app, designed primarily for touch-enabled devices running both Windows 8 and Windows RT. Devices like Surface RT will especially benefit from this app because its desktop version is not going to work in RT. You can download and install the app directly from Windows Store. Simply search “TeamViewer” and pick “TeamViewer Touch” from the list and install it.

Also note that the TeamViewer Touch is currently still in Preview, (beta in another words). And currently only supports remote control feature that remotely controls a computer that runs TeamViewer desktop version.

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Publisher: TeamViewer
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