Windows 8 App: Toolbox


When not in Desktop view in Windows 8, you can only run and see one app at a time, 2 the most with Snap feature. To overcome this shortage and improve parallel productivity, here  goes an awesome app, Toolbox, a multi-task native free Windows 8 app that allows multiple apps run simultaneously in various predefined layout.

Windows 8 app - Toolbox

There are currently only 9 tools included in Toolbox:

  • Web browser
  • Calculator
  • Unit Converter
  • Facebook
  • Voice Notes
  • Notifier
  • World Clock
  • Weather
  • Doodle

But the developer promises that many more tools and new features on the way.

You can run more than one tools listed above within the same Toolbox workspace, including viewing multiple web pages at the same time while still being able to monitor the weather in the different locations.

The layout is highly customizable. You can save your favorite layouts and recall them quickly later on whenever you need them. Pinning the saved layout to the Start Screen is also nicely supported.

Toolbox is a native Windows 8 app that you can download and install directly from Windows Store. It’s Free of charge at the moment.

The app is nicely designed and well built. While the concept is very attracting, I only wish there are many more tools available in the app. It’s like the developer, Vectorform, is trying to build its own ecosystem with the app Toolbox being the platform.

Category: Productivity
Developer: Vectorform
Age rating: 12+



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