Windows 8 App: TuneUp IncrediLock


Normally, to change the background image on Lock Screen in Windows 8, you will need to go to Personalize section in PC Settings, browse through your library and pick one to set as the background image for Lock Screen.

This app, TuneUp IncrediLock, makes switching of Lock Screen background image a lot easier. It turns the new Windows 8 Lock Screen into a powerful dashboard that not only looks elegant with the built-in 400 hand-picked beautiful wallpapers library, but also is useful with the widget that can be put up onto the lock screen.

Windows 8 App TuneUp IncrediLock thumb - Windows 8 App: TuneUp IncrediLock

You can still pick images from your own library within the app.

The only widget available right now with the app is the Sticky Note that allows you to place quick reminders or notes directly on your lock screen so that you can quick glance it without logging in to the machine. There will be many more widgets like picture frame, weather information available in the near feature.

TuneUp IncrediLock is Windows 8 native app that can be downloaded and installed directly from Windows Store. And because it’s a Windows 8 native app, it works on all Windows 8 Editions, including Windows RT.

Category: Photo
Publisher: TuneUp Software

The app requires the permission to access your Picture Library and Internet Connection.


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