Windows 8 Free eBook Download from Microsoft Press


The final edition of Introducing Windows 8: An Overview for IT Professionals has been released and you can download its PDF version for free right from Microsoft Press Blog.

Guided by a Windows expert who’s worked extensively with the software since the preview releases, this 168-page eBook covers the basics and insights an IT professional need to know in order to manage the new Windows 8 operating system, all spread out in 11 chapters.

Introducing Windows 8 Free eBook

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Overview
Chapter 2: Experiencing Windows 8
Chapter 3: Windows 8 for IT Pros
Chapter 4: Preparing for Deployment
Chapter 5: Deploying Windows 8
Chapter 6: Delivering Windows apps
Chapter 7: Windows 8 Recovery
Chapter 8: Windows 8 Management
Chapter 9: Windows 8 Security
Chapter 10: Internet Explorer 10
Chapter 11: Windows 8 Virtualization

Again, this free eBook is aimed mainly to IT professionals who will be managing Windows 8 for living down the road but if the table of content interests you, why not download and peek through to see what kind of life will be to an IT pro with the new arrived Windows 8.

If you are interested, you can download the book directly from this page. You can also order a paper copy for $14.99 at O’Reilly Media.



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