Windows 8 Previewed on Stage @ Build Window, Screenshot Gallery Included


image Steven Sinofsky showed off what Windows 8 looks like on stage in the keynote at Build Windows Conference this morning. A lot of cool stuff to digest.

Starts with some states

  • Approaching 450 million copies of Windows 7 Sold;
  • Windows 7 consumer usage officially is greater than XP;
  • IE 9 is the fastest growing Windows 7 browser;
  • 542 million people signing into Windows Live services.

Quotes about Windows 8

  • Mobility means devices you use while carrying, not just devices you carry then use;
  • Windows 8 makes Windows 7 even better, because everything that runs on Windows 7 runs on Windows 8;
  • Touch-first with full keyboard and mouse w/ fast and fluid user experience;
  • Web of apps working together with no compromise across new form factors, desktops and laptops;
  • We are focusing on quality not on date. Thus, there is still no ETA when the first beta will be released.
  • Etc., etc..

Windows 8 Platform and Tools

  • New APIs and tools to build Metro style apps;
  • Rapid and scalable development of Metro style apps
  • Choice of world-class development tools and languages.
  • If you are a web developer, you are already qualified to be a Windows 8 developer.
  • Windows Store debuted.

Demos presented

  • Windows 8 Experience
  • Metro style Platform and Tools
  • Hardware Platform
  • Cloud Services

Path to RTM, aka when are we expecting to get hands on

Next milestone is Beta. Then RC, then RTM, then GA. That’s exactly the same process they did on Windows 7. Again, the quote to note is that:

We are focusing on quality not on the date.

Some cool screenshots of the keynote

Since I watched the keynote live on screen, I could take any photo of it. Rather, there are many screenshots I took along the way. So make sure you keep scrolling down to check all of them. Memory usage comparison between Windows 7 and Windows 8, 281 MB/29 processes used. image Windows 8 Platform and Tools foundation: image Metro App submitting to App Store: image Microsoft Store: image image image Monster PC: image A set of tablets that run Windows 8: image Super PC demo’d: image Batter is the biggest component inside the tablet: image Tablet that supports dual-monitor for all attendees: image image New Windows Task Manager: image image New Control Panel: image New Control Panel with the PC Reset option: image Refresh PC: image Reset your PC and start over: image Windows Assessment Console: image New Remote Desktop, and that supports touch screen as well: image Dual screen, yes, the taskbar finally spread out: image Path to RTM: image



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