Windows 8 Quick Tip: How To Enable and Show Administrative Tools on Start Screen


Administrative Tools are a bunch of useful admin tools for those power users who need to better manage their Windows systems. The full list of tools can be found and accessed through Control Panel, System and Security, and Administrative Tools. But if you have the needs to access them quite frequently, you can enable and have them shown right on the Start Screen on Windows 8.

And here is how:

Firstly, bring out Settings Charm by either using the upper right hot corner or pressing Win + I (i) combination, and select Tiles.

Settings Charm - Tiles

And then, move the Show administrative tools slider to the right.

Settings Charm - Tiles - administrative tools

The change takes affect immediately. The administrative tools are shown up on the Start Screen right away. Now you can customize them by grouping all tools in one group. Later on, when you fell no need having them on Start Screen, simply move the slider back to the left, which will remove all administrative tools from the Start Screen.

Windows 8 - Start Screen with Administrative Tools


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