Windows 8 Quick Tip: How To Make the Icons Stay Unhidden in System Tray


Normally, when an application has an icon programmed staying in system tray, also called notification area, down at the right bottom of the corner of your screen, it’s most of the times hidden, such as below. You don’t see them lining up like in the previous Windows next to the clock. Rather, you have to click that little tiny up arrow to reveal them.

Icons hidden in system tray

It does look clean and uncluttered in the taskbar and has less things popping up distracting you from your work. However, quite often times, I do miss the convenience I had to just click the icon in the system tray to bring up the application menu.

And here is how you can make an application icon stay unhidden in the system tray.

1. Right-click the clock in the system tray, and choose Customize notification icons.

Launch customize notification icons

2. Click the Behaviors button next to the application you want to change, and choose option Show icons and notifications. Repeat the same to all applications you want them to have icons stay in system tray unhidden.

Notification Area Icons

I changed 3 applications to show both icons and notifications. And see what it looks like now.

Icons stay in system tray



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