Windows 8 Timeline with Timetoast


Timetoast is a free online web app that creates a timeline of any soft. You can browse, edit, and share it with anyone publically on the Internet, or social media like Facebook and Twitter. The timeline is created in Flash, which isn’t really my favorite, but can be easily exported through its Textview.

Since Windows 8 is officially released by now, I looked back the journey all the way back when the developer preview was first introduced and created a dedicate Timeline just for Windows 8 using this free service. It looks not bad at all.

Windows 8 Timeline Textview thumb - Windows 8 Timeline with Timetoast

Since I’ve only put the big milestones along the way to the timeline, there are many small footprints being left out. So feel free to share the events that you think should be included in this timeline in the comment below.


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