Windows 8 Tip: Making Desktop Shortcut to Metro App with MetroApp Link


Usually, to launch a Metro App from desktop, you will have to either switch back to Start Screen, find the app, and launch it, or locate the app through the search. Sometimes it’s annoying. Here is a tool that can bridge through two worlds, sort of.

MetroApp Link is a free 3rd party tool that allows you to create shortcuts of Metro Apps on the desktop. And because of these are the application shortcuts that launch the App, you can reference this trick to make your own keyboard shortcuts to fast launch these Metro Apps right from your fingertips.

MetroApp Link

While the idea is cool, there are rooms that can make this tool better. The tool seems to only support the native Metro Apps that come with the system. It would be much useful if it adds the support to the apps downloaded from Windows Store. But still, it at least gives us a way to fast launch the popular Metro Apps right from Desktop without switching to Start Screen first.



  1. Thanks for linking 😀
    I haven’t find a method to open all third-party apps, that’s why this tool contains only some preinstalled apps.
    The new version of this tool will be compatible with Windows 8 RTM and, maybe, there will be some third-party apps 😉


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