Windows 8 Trick: Add A My Computer Tile on Start Screen


Start Screen on Windows 8 doesn’t have a My Computer tile that opens Windows Explorer like we normally do on our desktop on Windows XP or 7. But we can hack a way through to put one on for ourselves by adding a shortcut that opens Windows Explorer into users Start Menu.

Here is how you can do it

1. Press WIN + R, type in shell:start menu, and press Enter, to get straight into user’s Start Menu.

Run - shell - start menu

2. Right click empty space in the folder → New → Shortcut. A Create Shortcut wizard fired up.

3. Copy and paste the following string into the location box.

C:\Windows\explorer.exe explorer.exe /root,,::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}

Add my computer tile on start screen - shortcut

And give a name called My Computer. Click Finish to close.

4. That’s all you need. The Start Menu folder will look like this after you have the shortcut put in place.

User Start Menu after having my computer shortcut

Now, let’s go to Start Screen and see if it appears there.

Start Screen with My Computer

And if you want to change the look of the icon, you can select different icon by right-clicking the shortcut you just created, select Properties, and go to Shortcut tab. Click Change Icon button and select a different icon from the list.


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