Windows 8 Tweaking Tool: Tiny Windows Borders


In the old days, customizing the window properties like the width of the borders is very easy. All you need is just go to Display Property and there are many settings available there for anyone to personalize their own Window. But those days are gone now, for some reason. Even though you have now many beautiful themes to dress your desktop, you don’t seem to be able to change simple things like the width of Windows board easily.

Tiny Windows Borders is a free portable Windows 8 tweaking tool that allows you to easily change the size of Windows borders in Windows 8. If you are not quite happy with the seem-to-be-too-wide windows border in Windows 8, this tool can make your life easier to change them.

Tiny Windows Borders

There are two values you can change by simply just sliding the slide bar presented in the tool, the width of the board, and the border padding. Click Apply button to save and apply the change, which restarts Explorer process to reload the desktop that will refresh the change.

It won’t be too much useful as a tweaking tool, since it only offers one tool. But still if the wider windows border in Windows 8 kind bothers you, this may save your time figuring out how to change them.

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