Windows 9 Concept Walkthrough – With Video and Screenshots

We don’t know what future holds for us, but what we do know is that for every new iterations of Windows release it should push the technology forward. Windows 8 was a major leap from Microsoft by transition away from the traditional Windows desktop to a fusion of legacy and modern UI. What’s ahead? We don’t know, but we can imagine and try to picture the future. This is what one of our readers Andrew has done. He created a concept video of what the next version of Windows might or should look like.

Windows 9 Concept Video

Windows 9 Concept Screenshots





windows_9_design_concept (1)

It might look very similar to what we have right now, but if you pay attention, deep down there are many enhanced user experience improvements. Big applause to Andrew for this concept video of the next Windows release.

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Last updated: 08/04/2014

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