Windows Boot User Experience Reengineered in Windows 8, No More Windows Logo Being Seen During The Boot


If you ask me what are the reasons to make people switch from Windows 7 to Windows 8, I would include the revamped booting experience as one of them. No kidding, the boot experience in Windows 8 is beautiful, not only fast but also seamless and fluid. How did they do it? Steven explained in detail on Building Windows 8 how the Windows boot experience was reengineered in Windows 8. And here are some highlights that are worth noting.

The goal:

  • 7 seconds boot time on a machine with SSDs.
  • With touch-first devices in mind, the whole boot process must not require a physical keyboard.
  • Comply with both UEFI and legacy BIOS.
  • Revamp the boot experience.

The baseline:

The experience of booting a PC should be approachable to mainstream consumers while maintaining the power of Windows for more advanced users who want to configure settings in the pre-OS environment. As you can imagine, satisfying all of these goals was challenging and in many situations, a balancing act.

The Result:

  • A seamless setup and first boot, meaning that The entire setup process, including entering your product key, joining a wireless network, and setting up a default account, will be accessible using the soft keyboard.
  • Seamless boot, meaning a boot without showing Windows Logo. Yes, that’s right, the only logo you will see during the boot time is the manufacturer’s logo and that stays on the screen all the way from POST to Windows logon UI.
  • Advanced features, such as Dual boot, Change options, Choose Default OS, even the troubleshooting options in WinRE, are all powered with the soft keyboard that eliminates the needs of having a physical keyboard to finish the boot.

Download this video to view it in your favorite media player:
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Oh, what about the BSOD, Blue Screen of Death? Of course, it’s always an unhappy experience.




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