Windows Monitoring Tool: TMonitor


TMonitor is a special Windows monitoring tool aimed specifically to display the active clock of each individual core of Intel Core 2 or Sand Bridge or AMD K10 processors, with a very high refresh rate at 20 times per second. Visualizing the real clock variation in real time in such a fast pace is interesting.


TMonitor is free and portable so you can just download and run it without extra cost and installation process. The first running instance of TMonitor will be attached to CPU #0. If you have 2 or more processors installed in your computer, you can run more TMonitor instances to capture extra processors.

It’s a very simple tool with only a few options available for you to fiddling around, such as changing view from clock to multiplier, enabling/disabling Turbo, and starting/stopping saving log files. When outputting the log file, it’s saved in a .csv file in the same directory as TMonitor.

Tmonitor -  change View type
Tmonitor – change View type
TMonitor - enable/disable Turbo
TMonitor – enable/disable Turbo


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