Windows Network Tip: How To Get A Remote Computer’s MAC Address


Usually, if I want to know my local computer’s MAC address, I would just use the command line I have been using for over 10 years, ipconfig with switch “/all”. And I would scroll up and down the window to find the line named as Physical Address. The command works perfectly fine but it wouldn’t be much of a help if you also want to get the same info from a remote computer.

On Windows 7 & 8, do you know that there is actually a better command line built in that does nothing but giving you the info of all MAC addresses found on a computer, both locally or remotely. The command is called GetMAC.

To get all MAC addresses associated with a local computer, simply run GetMAC in either Command Prompt or PowerShell window.

To get the MAC address from a remote computer, use

GetMAC /S remotecomputer

You can even specify the export format and export them to a file, if you want. The following command will get the MAC address from a remote computer and export them into a CSV file in the same directory.

GetMAC /s remotecomputer /fo csv > output.csv

And of course, if you don’t have the access to the remote computer, you can specify a user account in the command with a switch /U for username and /P for password.


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