[Windows Phone Tip]: Bing App to Replace Shazam For Music Search


Shazam is an awesome music app that lets you to search and identify any music on your mobile device by just listening to it. But if you’ve got a Windows Phone, you don’t need it anymore, because the Bing App has this feature built right in for you.

To search for music, simply fire up the Bing App, by tapping the search button on the phone, and tap the music symbol at the bottom of the screen.

Bing App - music search icon
Bing App – music search icon

Then put your phone close to the music source to let it listen to it. The screen will indicate if it detects any of the song rhythm.


Bing App - listening to music
Bing App – listening to music

Tada…bingo…here is the song I was just listening to.

Bing App - music search result
Bing App – music search result

It’s nicely done and super quick. It took only a few seconds to have the song listed right in front of me. From the result screen, you can access the store to buy the song if you want to. But I do wish there could be more information about the song on the result screen, just like what Shazam does on its app.


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