Windows Store Details Revealed with Screenshot Tour


Windows Store is one of the very import new features in Windows 8. After we heard but only saw an icon on the Developer Preview, and sneak peeked its preview event, we finally have a bit of more information about the user experience design behind the scene, from a post on Windows Store.

Here, let’s do a quick screenshot tour to see what it will look like.

A landing page designed for discovery.

windows store landing page

windows store landing page

Searching and browsing the Store

Windows store searching and browsing

Windows store searching and browsing

Windows store searching and browsing

App Listing Page

Windows store app listing page

Desktop apps

Interesting. Apparently, desktop apps that pass Microsoft’s Desktop App Certification can also have app listing apps. These will be discoverable in the Store via searching and browsing, and will include a link to the app developer’s website so that customers can purchase the app there.

Windows store desktop app listing page

Installing app

Windows store installing app

Updating apps

Windows store upating apps

Reacquiring the apps

Windows store reacquiring apps



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