Windows User with iOS devices, Get Ready to Jailbreak Any Gadget Running iOS 6+ (UPDATE: It’s Out Now)



It has been a long wait. The latest iOS 6 released in last September, since then there were little news on the status of jailbreak for all the new devices and new OS. But this is going to change TODAY. Guys at are going to release jailbreak tools for all new and old devices running iOS 6+. That including the latest iPad mini, iPad and iPhone 5.

According to the team, the tool will be available sometimes today, supports Windows on release.

If you have any questions on anything related to the new jailbreak for new iOS devices on Windows, be sure to checkout their FAQ. Also it is recommended disabling the lock passcode of your iOS device before using evasi0n.

You can also follow their on twitter to get the latest update and states as soon as it releases later today (Feb 4th, 2013). Like any other jailbreak, be sure to have a full back up to you PC. Enjoy and happy JB.


Update: It’s ready and envasi0n is released ! Go ahead download it now.



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