WindowsAndroid is Android Running Pure x86 Natively on Windows


Running Android on Windows isn’t new, there are many ways out there that lets you  achieve this. If you just want to get all the Android Apps, the best way so far is to use BlueStacks. Or, if you are more interested in native Android experience, you can try it on running Android in Windows Emulator, development virtual machine, or even better Android x86 that’s aiming to run Android as a native OS replaces your Windows.

WindowsAndroid is a new application that runs android natively on Windows. Unlike Android x86, it is not a project that installs a new OS on your machine. Instead, it’s much more like what BlueStacks does, a pure Android environment running natively. WindowsAndroid is developed by a startup, SocketeQ, in China. You can download the app here.  At the right moment, it’s only running on Android 4.0.4.

Here is WindowsAndroid Running on Windows



Before trying it out, please note that this app is still in it’s early stage of development. Therefore, be prepared if you encounter any bugs during the try-out. At least, I encountered many bugs and crash the app randomly during my test. It also doesn’t let you install the app in a traditional path under C:\Program Files, maybe that’s because the space existed in the path. It’s very strange for apps nowadays that doesn’t support install at the Windows default path. I guess, they didn’t think of using the environment variables in Windows.


It’s also worth noting that unlike Bluestack, this app doesn’t come with any App Store. The only purpose for now is an easy of development on Windows environment. Instead of deploying your apps to the actual Android device, give it a try first.

Give it a try if you are interested in android and it’s development.



  1. i tried with my beloved xp pro sp3, but got this?!
    The procedure entry point GetTickCount64 could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll


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