WindowsBlinds 7 Released, Time to Put Skin on Your Windows 7


image If you were a fan of skinning your desktop back in old XP days, you probably know or even had used WindowsBlinds at one point. It’s a tool best known to allow users to customize almost every aspect of their user interface in Windows. With the new version 7 released, it adds the native Windows 7 support which gives users the full capability making Windows 7 the own face.

The new WindowsBlinds 7 offers:

  • thousands of different skins to choose from
  • skins virtually every part of windows
  • runs natively and won’t slow your computer down.
  • easy and safe to use.
  • much much more.

Interested in how it works? Let’s take look it in action.

If you are tired of looking at the same desktop theme every day or even want your Windows 7 look like your old XP (not sure why), you may want to give this tool a try. It’s free to try but would cost you $19.95 for a registered version. It’s natively Windows 7 supported, including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

A complete guided tour of WindowBlinds can be found here, with thousands of skins available here



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