WinLaunch to Bring Mac OS X or iPad Style of Launcher to Windows


WinLaunch is a portable windows desktop makeup that brings Mac OS X or iPad type of App Launcher to any version of Windows, from Windows XP, to Windows 7, both 32 and 64 bit editions. With the tool, you can add any of your applications, shortcuts into the Launch Pad, organize them in a way that is exactly like you do on your iPad, things like clicking and holding on one of the icon to make them wiggle so you can move them around, or move one icon on top of the other to make a folder, etc..

It’s portable so you don’t have to install it and you can run it when needed without adding anything extra to your system. Simply download and pick the version that matches your system and fire up WinLaunch.exe file.

WinLaunch  1 thumb - WinLaunch to Bring Mac OS X or iPad Style of Launcher to Windows

You have 5 ways to activate and use WinLaunch:

1. Pin WinLaunch.exe to taskbar if you are running Windows 7.

2. Activate the HotCorners in the options and move your mouse in the specified corner of your screen, by default it’s left top corner.

3. Activate and use a keyboard shortcut, by default Shift+Tab

4. Activate Synaptics if you have that type of touchpad hooked up, and use a 3 finger tap to toggle the tool.

5. Activate and use the MiddleMouseButton.

And you can press F key when WinLaunch is up to toggle between FullScreen and regular window modes.

As you can see, WinLaunch works like a on-demand mode. Use one of the 5 options to toggle it on and off. And when it’s on, you can either click the apps inside the launchpad to launch directly launch the application or organize them by the the same way you do on your iPhone and iPad, holding one of the icon to make the icons wiggling first, and then move them around, or even making folders.

WinLaunch  2 thumb - WinLaunch to Bring Mac OS X or iPad Style of Launcher to Windows

What’s even better is that you can customize the them to make the folders on the launchpad with a better looking that you like to see every time when you fire it up.

Even if you don’t like Apple, you can still use this tool as a desktop organizer to better organize your Windows desktop. And to me, I do see this as an organization tool rather than a tool to make my Windows 7 look like iPad.

Check out the product page and download the tool here. Oh, a video demo won’t be a bad idea showing off this tool in more details. Lower your volume a bit first.



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