WinLockR Locks Your Computer with More Locking Features


WinLockR is a free tiny portable tool made to lock your system that no one else can access it in your absence. When it locks your Windows, it locks out not only desktop, but also keyboard and mouse as well so that no one can use your keyboard trying out your password. Heck, it even has Shutdown Prevention feature that prevents anyone from restarting, shutting down or logging off your computer.

What’s more interesting is that you use the tool to prepare a USB flash drive that can be used to unlock the locked system by simply plugging it into the computer. That makes it sound a lot more like Password Booster Screen Lock, a tool we’ve covered a while ago.

To get started, download the tool from its Source Forge project page, and launch it. You will be prompted to enter a password first. If this is the first time you launch the tool, you will enter and verify the password to make sure it’s correct. The password you entered here will be used to unlock the system later on.

WinLockR - enter a password
WinLockR – enter a password

Then you are into WinLockR’s main window. Here are a few things you can set before using it to lock your system.

WinLockR main window
WinLockR main window

To use USB Unlock, plug in one USB flash drive, click Install on USB to prepare the flash drive, then switch USB Unlock radio button to enable it.

To set the lock screen in full screen mode, simply check “Activate Fullscreen-lock” option before clicking on Lock Window.

WinLockR - Lock Window
WinLockR – lock window in non-fullscreen mode
WinLockR - lock system in full screen mode
WinLockR – lock system in full screen mode

To place a shortcut onto desktop for easy access, click on Create Lock-Shortcut button. Then you can assign the keyboard shortcut for even more quick access.

WinLockR - create desktop shortcut w/ hotkey
WinLockR – create desktop shortcut w/ hotkey

Now I have a suggestion to make. It would be cool if I can use the same USB flash drive to lock and unlock the system, without opening this tool or pressing any keyboard combinations.



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