winPenPack to Bring the Popular Portable Apps into One Place on Your Portable Device


winPenPack is an open source project that aims at collecting the most frequently used and most popular open source and free applications and making them portable so that they can be executed freely right from the removable device without the installation process.

There are 3 different packages available for you to download. While the Full edition comes with the most applications, the Essentials edition also includes a large selection of applications. To me, these two editions are equally the same. Depending on what your preferences are, choosing either one of the packages works just fine. You can see the comparison in detail from this page.

The Full package is 654M in Zipped format, it extents to 1.22GB after extraction. So be prepared that it may take a little bit of time to download the whole package. Once it’s downloaded, simply extract the whole content into a folder. And double click the winPenPackNet.exe to launch it.

winPenPack screenshot

the winPenPack suites offer a wide range of portable applications categorized in a variety of categories such as Document Management, Graphics, Internet, Multimedia, etc..

It also quietly set itself in the system tray from where you can directly launch the application, or check the upgrades. The nice thing about the upgrades is that you don’t have to download the whole package every time when there is an upgrade available to one of the tools in the package.

winPenPack system tray

The greatest benefit of using a portable suite pack like winPenPack is that it even saves all your data and settings right with it so that when you finally are done your work on a computer you can simply unplug the device and take all the data and settings with you.

winPenPack works on all Windows systems from XP and above, both 32bit and 64bit editions.




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