WinPlusX to Put Win+X Menu on XP, Vista and Windows 7


If you like the Win+X menu on Windows 8, you might as well think of having it on your current Windows. And you can do that with a little portable tool called WinPlusX and you can make it on a Windows from XP and up to 7.

The tool will be minimized in to the system tray once it’s launched. And once it’s running, you can easily just press the same Win+X keyboard shortcut to bring the menu up, just like you did on Windows 8. The only difference, the menu actually pops up right beside the Start button, not from the lower left corner like in Windows 8, but the shortcuts in the menu all have the icons that matches to their functions.

Win X on Windows 7 Screenshot  1 thumb - WinPlusX to Put Win+X Menu on XP, Vista and Windows 7

You can add any more shortcuts into the menu from the top WinPlusX option. It also lets you bring up the menu by right clicking the Start button but it was crashed on me when I tried it on my computer.

Thanks to AskVG for sharing and you can download WinPlusX directly from this link here.



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