Worried About Windows 10 Privacy Issues? This App to Shut Them All Up


Windows 10’s privacy issues have been in the heat, from calling home tons time a day to InPrivate browsing not so in private, etc., etc. Personally, I am not that concerned but for people out there who does, here is an app that can put these concerns all rest once for all.

O&O ShutUp 10 is a free portable tool that gives you full control over back to which functions under Windows 10 you wish to use and which ones are passing your data too far that need to be disabled, with a very simple user interface.

When you first launch the tool, it scans and list all settings that need your attention, with the current setup. All settings are all grouped into different categories, security, privacy, synchronization, Cortana, etc.

O&O ShutUp 10 - before apply

Then you can simply go to Actions to apply one of three pre-defined methods, Apply all recommended settings (with green check mark), Apply all recommended and limited recommended settings (with yellow triangle), or Apply all settings (including those with red exclamation mark).

O&O ShutUp 10 - Actions

After applying the changes, do review the result to make sure if there are anything that may impact your day-to-day work using Windows 10.

O&O ShutUp 10 - after apply

I would recommend not going too extreme just for the sake of protecting your privacy. Start with the recommended settings and go from there. Windows 10 wants to give users the easiest possible daily experience and in doing so, it does need to access the certain area of data that relates to your personal information.

Here is a simple example that demonstrates why Windows 10 needs to access your personal info in the first place.

Windows 10 can remind you to set off to the airport 30 minutes earlier due to traffic en route. In order to deliver this information to you, however, Windows 10 has to access your calendar entries, your mails (i.e. the airline confirmation email), your location and it has to have access to the internet to get traffic news.

Therefore, check all options listed in Windows 10 to find out a middle ground that comforts the both ends, i.e. minimize the personal info exposure while still being able to enjoy the easiness Windows 10 has brought onto the table.



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