X-Proxy Fakes Your IP and Lets You Access Geo-Restricted Web Content


There are a log of web content on the Internet that are location based, meaning that they are accessible only to those in the area that is permitted. And most of the time they know where you come from based on your IP address, your network identification that indicates which country you are from. One way to get around this is often known as the use of Proxy, and the other way is, obviously, to fake your IP address.

X-Proxy (translated page) is an interesting free utility that fakes your network IP address and lets you surf the web anonymous. It has a long list of proxy addresses for you to fake with. For example, if you want to fake your IP with one that is in China so that you can access the web content that is only available to people in China, you can select one of many China IPs from the list and fake from there.

X Proxy Screenshot  1 thumb - X-Proxy Fakes Your IP and Lets You Access Geo-Restricted Web Content

There are 3 quick buttons at the top of the window that makes fake and un-fake fairly easily. Pushing the red button will reset your IP back to real and clicking on the Blue arrow will fake the IP to the one you selected from the list. There are also a number of skins for you to choose from but they aren’t necessary to make the tool to work.

The tool actually does work, as I tested one of the China IPs and successfully accessed the content I wasn’t able to before. However, I have to warn you that the performance really vary. It really depends on the bandwidth on the IP you are faking with to get the satisfied network speed. It needs some luck to make your effort worthwhile.

X-Proxy works on all Windows systems, from XP, to Windows 7 and 8, both 32-bit and 64-bit. It requires .Net framework 4.0 to run the program.



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