Younity Allows You Remotely Access All Your Desktop File From Anywhere


Younity is the new kid in town in attempt to make all your files accessible from anywhere as long as you have a connection to the internet and keep computer at home turned on and connected as well. The approach is simple, rather than store all your documents into the cloud, your computer at home becomes the cloud. This will be useful if you have a large amount of documents, photos, music and videos. Because it not only saves you the time, talking about days or even weeks, spent on uploading these large amount of data to the cloud, but also the cost on storing these data.

Younity solves the problem by turning your local computer into a personal cloud. Essentially, it becomes a server that you can access your file through the cloud. Currently it only works for iOS devices, but Windows Phone support is planned and under way, will be available sometimes next year.

To get started, you need to download the Younity program and install it on your PC. Once installed, pick the locations of the directory you’d like Younity to make your file available to.


Younity not only just act as a server mapping directories, but it also scans and aggregate all your file in terms of type. This makes it unique to use on the mobile devices to just find the particular file you want. It also auto scans your iTunes library if you have one and make it available to stream to your mobile devices.


From some testing I’ve done so far, it works well for a limited number of folders, but if you have very large number of folders and files. Younity can take a very long time on initial scan to be completed, be patient during this process. Once it’s done you will be able to see all your folders and songs from your local machine.



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