Word 2013 Quick Tip: How To Disable Read Mode as Default View


Every time when I open a Word attachment from Outlook, it opens in Word in Read Mode, a mode in Word that is basically for reading. Since I never ever need to use this mode in Word, I always switch over to Layout mode right away. Now, it’s gotten to a point where I am getting so annoyed that I want Layout Mode to be my default view mode when I open Word document from another applications like Outlook.

Word - read mode

The reason why it defaults to Reading mode is because the document is opened in Read-only mode. Because it’s an email attachment, Outlook saves a copy of the attachment in the temporary folder first before asking Word to open it with Read-only rights.

To change the default viewing mode in Word 2013, go to File → Options, and in Word Option dialog, un-check option “Open e-mail attachments and other uneditable files in reading view” under General section and Start up options.

Word Option to disable reading mode

Click OK to save the change. And that’s it.



  1. THANK YOU. Who the !#$% designs this @!%$?? I don’t want to open every @#$%ing document in giant font, unformatted bizarro mode! Why the @#$% would anyone want that? At least I finally found your instructions. Liberating!!


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