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Windows Terminal 1.0 Released

After almost a year of previewing the Windows Terminal app, Microsoft finally released its first build Windows Terminal 1.0 during its annual...
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Getting Video Adapter Model and Screen Resolution from A Remote Computer

There are a number of ways to get which video adapter is installed on my computer, Display Settings, System Info tool, Device...
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Finding Out Which Network Switch Port My Computer is Connected

During my years of IT life, I've traced countless cables in the back of the server room racks, trying to find out...
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Display the Day of the Week on Windows 10 Taskbar

By default, the date and time displayed at the bottom right of your Windows 10 desktop is something like this:
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PowerToy New Utilities

PowerToy has been quite busy updating itself with bug fixes and releasing new utilities. The latest release, version 0.16, includes some new...
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Displaying System Stats in Real-time on Windows Taskbar

XMeters is a lightweight free system monitoring tool that displays system resource usage right on the Windows taskbar. Taskbar Stats is another...
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How To Deal with HEIC/HEIF Image Files on Windows

HEIC is the container that holds HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) image files or sequences of images. Developed by MPEG, the new...