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How To Deal with HEIC/HEIF Image Files on Windows

HEIC is the container that holds HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) image files or sequences of images. Developed by MPEG, the new...
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Who is Messing UP with My Computer Uptime

A number of computers on my network have been running non-stop for almost a month, according to the uptime info I pulled...
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Turning Your Windows Computer into A Home Monitoring System

If you have an old laptop you don't know what to do about it, you may be interested in turning it into...
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How To Make Your Own Karaoke Accompaniment Soundtrack

If you like to sing and are constantly looking for your own accompaniment track that you can sing along, you may like...
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Things You Can Do with Test-NetConnection

Test-NetConnection is a PowerShell cmdlet that checks and then displays diagnostic information about a network connection, whether to another computer on the...
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Messing Up with Your Desktop with this Annoying Duck

If you feel bored or want to mess up with someone while you are bored, this Desktop Duck will make your day.
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NimbleText is a free text manipulation tool that generates text blocks based on your own criteria. You can either use its feature...
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