How To Connect Google Home with Windows PC


Got a Google Home as a holiday gifts? If you are amazed at all the things Google assistant can do, lo and behold, there is one more trick Google Home can do that you might not be aware of.

Google Home can also be used as your primary speaker for your desktop PC or any laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can turn Google Home into a Bluetooth speaker and not compromise or sacrifice any of its existing functionality. You can still say command ‘OK Google’ to have it perform tasks while the speaker is paired with your PC. ‘OK Google’ command even works while it’s playing audio as a Bluetooth speaker.

We will explore and show you how to connect Google Home whether is Google Home Max, Google Home or Google Home mini to be paired as a Bluetooth speaker from your Windows PC.

First, go to Google Home, find the Google Home speaker you want to pair it with your desktop.

Next, go find “Paired Bluetooth devices“, tap “Enable Pairing Mode” at the bottom of the screen. Once it turned to “Ready to pair. Connect to Office Speaker”

You can now go to Bluetooth setting on your Windows 10 and find the device named “Office Speaker” when add a new Bluetooth device.

Here is some catch when using Google Home as a paired Bluetooth speaker. It works great for desktop or any stationary laptop it naturally acts as the speaker works out of the box. It can pair to more than one devices, but it will always attempt to connect to the most recent device first. If you want Google Home to switch and pair on another computer you have to forget and remove the device from pairing first. Hope you enjoy the new found Google Home speaker skill!



  1. This does NOT work on all software. For example when I edit video’s, they won’t play on my Google Home. YouTube does play via Google Home. Strange.

    • it should, you can verify if your PC’s speaker is selected as Google Home Bluetooth paired when editing the video. Which app are you using? adobe premiere or others might have override and chose other audio output devices.

      • I have a chrome box connected to a home via bluetooth and it will not output sound to the home for whatever reason unless I specifically cast to it.

  2. I do not have an automated home. All I want to do is use my PC (NOT MY CELL) to cast to my TV I have all sorts of video that I would rather watch on the TV than my monitor. I have a 1st gen chrome cast that keeps telling me to check Google home and that it doesn’t see my Wi-Fi. Can’t load Home onto PC Google Chrome.

  3. I agree with all the disgruntled comments and people above. I queried “how to set up google nest mini from home PC (and NOT iPhone)” and was directed to this site. so far I have not been able to find ANY site with clear-cut easy-to-follow instructions. none of that (that I could find) here ~

  4. I have connected both my laptop and google home mini to each other via bluetooth as you told me and they say they are both connected to each other but no sound is coming out of the google speaker. I can even turn the volume of the google home up/down with my laptop but the only problem is no sound is coming out. Any ideas? Thanks!

  5. Do you need any more hints fellas? :))) I got a Google mini as a gift and the farking thing is as useless as a pair of tits on a donkey. Just get yerself a plug in speaker ffs… If you have to complete a robotics degree to make a speaker sound, it’s probably easier to go to a product of a company that know what they are doing and how to make a product that works.

  6. Thank you very much; you have really solved my issue. I was looking for this information to connect my Google home with Windows PC. You have really eased my work, loved your writing skill as well. Please keep sharing more!


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