How To Stream Xbox One with Keyboard Only


Got an Xbox One during your holiday? There are many cool things you can do with Xbox One one of the best feature that I think Microsoft nailed it is the ability to stream Xbox One from any Windows 10 machine within your local home network. Now you have the freedom to game anywhere in your home, any room play any Xbox Games or Apps on any Windows 10.

One prerequisite to stream Xbox One from Windows 10 is you must have an Xbox One controller connected to your PC either via the wire or wireless (require Xbox One Wireless Controller Adapter). This requirement can be problematic especially if you have a limited number of Controllers or just want to remote stream Xbox One for other none gaming functions like watching TVs.

Thankfully there is a project that allows you to use your Keyboard and Mouse to remote control your Xbox One. Head over to for more details. We will guide you on how to setup and correctly use this project.

First you need to download SlimDX Runtime .NET 4.0 x86 (January 2012).msi. This dependency isn’t well documented on the GitHub repo, only through few in-depth Google search, you will then land the right page to download the runtime. Next, download and install XboxKeyboardMouse.

Once you have installed XboxKeyboardMouse keep that running in the background. As long as you don’t have Xbox app open the ‘fake controller’ won’t be active.

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You can custom map what keyboard or mouse goes with a Xbox Controller button, below is the default layout.

Keyboard/MouseXbox Controller
Left CtrlB
Number 1Y
QRight Bumper
ELeft Bumper
Left ShiftLeft Stick Click
CRight Stick Click
TildeXbox Logo/Guide
Arrow KeysDPAD
Left ClickRight Trigger
Right ClickLeft Trigger
WASDLeft Stick
MouseRight Stick
F12(Set Dead Zone)
F11(Adjust Dead Zone)
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Once you have activated the fake Keyboard and Mouse controller, streaming Xbox One via the Windows Xbox app will no longer give you an warning on no controller is found. Instead you can safely navigate around Xbox One via your keyboard and mouse. You will also notice the controller menu turned to green once they are activated.

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If you do plan to multi task between Xbox app streaming Xbox One and other tasks the fake controller might override some of the keyboard or mouse input. You might occasionally run into glitch or weird behavior on other apps if you have this fake controller running in the background. It’s recommended to exit the Xbox One simulator once you are done streaming. Now go enjoy your Xbox One from any where in your home network!



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