2 Ad-Free Torrent App for Windows


Torrent has become a voodoo word those days. Even though we’ve long past the age of piracy (with an ever-growing online streaming platform), torrenting has always been associated with a bad reputation and it hasn’t changed in the last few years. Because of this and the activities associated with downloading pirate content via Torrent. Torrent apps often lead to illegal actions and it’s rarely talked about. Some of the torrent applications, on the other hand, are the beneficiaries here, without direct-acting the illegal act, they enable users to perform such activities and benefits from selling ads on their application.

Putting the illegal actions aside, there are tons of legitimate places where downloading via torrent is not only the preferred option but sometimes they are the only option. You can find plenty of open-source operating systems that offer torrent as a method of transporting the content. There are applications such as machine learning, the training data can be enormous and they use torrent for sharing training models and training data. Regardless of the use case, legal torrent use cases are all over the place and have a torrent application that does not profit from you using torrent can be the first step in making torrent a better use of its technology.


2020 12 31 21 45 15 qBittorrent Official Website 600x196 - 2 Ad-Free Torrent App for Windows

The two listed here today are not what you would normally find with the top search results from Google. The goal here is to avoid ads and at the same time provide you with a clean user experience. qBittorrent does just that, check it out if you were using any other torrent apps before that were ads supported.

JSTorrent Lite

2020 12 31 20 24 17 Window 600x424 - 2 Ad-Free Torrent App for Windows

This one is a Google Chrome App. So you don’t necessarily need to download and install via the traditional Windows installer. You can get this via the Chrome store link in the title above. It would also work on Chromebook, for those of you who don’t have Windows. The catch here is the limit of 20 free downloads, anything more it costs $3 to buy it outright. The paid, full version can be found here. It works great if you don’t use torrent on a daily basis and just would like to download a few odd files here and there via torrent.


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