9 Ultimate Hackers [Infograph]


Here comes an interesting infograph, by Simplisafe, that lists 9 ultimate hackers who not only made a huge impact and damage to our Internet but also made themselves ended up in jail as well.

They can swipe military secrets from miles away, bypass steel doors with a single click, and break into your bank account without breaking a sweat. Magicians? Supervillains? No — hackers!

Since the world went online, tech-savvy people have been taking advantage of the web’s twists and turns to get rich and get powerful — or just to see how much of a mess they can make. We combed through the internet’s history and found nine hackers who had huge impacts. Read on to see who did the most damage — and then maybe change your wireless password, just in case.

Worth a quick reading for the weekend, I guess. Click here to read the whole infograph.

ultimate-hackers.jpg (640×9130) - 2014-01-30 16_33_16



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