A New Set of Emojis Coming to Windows


Something nice is on its way to Windows. Something vivid, and something fun, really fun to use. According to this Microsoft’s Design post, more than 1800+ emojis will be replaced by another sea of icons that are not only moving but in the 3D format as well.

Here are 5 brand new emojis that look so cute.

And here are also some concept sketches that capture the new hybrid world.

image 1 600x132 - A New Set of Emojis Coming to Windows

Aren’t they fun to watch and will put a smile on your face when someone sends you one of those.

And how about the newly designed Clippy?

image 2 600x339 - A New Set of Emojis Coming to Windows

One thing I always wanted in Windows 10 is a nice collection of emojis that can represent my feelings whenever I use them. But often time they fall short. Now, hopefully, I can finally enjoy them.

According to Microsoft, this new set of emojis will come to Teams and Windows this holiday season, with Yammer, Outlook, and more lighting up throughout 2022.



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