A Walkthrough the New Fonts Setting Page in Windows 10


In the latest Windows 10 Insider build 17083, a new Fonts setting page is introduced in Settings app as a new way to better managing all our fonts in our system. On top of that, there are more fonts available in Microsoft Store for you to download and use.

Open Settings app and head over to Personalization and Fonts.

Settings - fonts

The main Fonts page lists all available fonts with a short preview of each font family. You can use the Search box to search for a particular font and see if it’s available on your computer. You can also use the Language filter to only show the fonts for a specific language. Here are the Simplified Chinese fonts available on my computer.

Settings - Fonts - Chinese fonts

Clicking on any of the font family previews takes you to a details page that provides more previews for each of the fonts within that family along with other information about that font, such as the version, font file, designed language, etc.

Settings - Fonts - Bahnschrift

You can type in your own text and see what it looks like in preview and change the font size using the slider right below the text box.

Settings - Fonts - Bahnschrift - custome text and size

If it’s an OpenType Variable font such as Bahnschrift, there is a separate variable-font page that allows you to explore the variable-design capabilities of the font. It’s located in the Metadata section with a link called “Variable font properties” that you can click through.

Settings - Fonts - Bahnschrift - variable font

This is a great feature for web designers and developers as well as typographers as you can adjust various font properties and see how the font performs in real-time.

Settings - Fonts - Bahnschrift - variable font details page

Now let’s back to the main Fonts page, there are two useful links that I would like to point out. You can click the “Download fonts for all languages” link under Related Settings section to download fonts for all languages supported by Windows. It will take quite a while to download and will eat up a significant amount of space on your computer as well.

You can also click the “Get more fonts in the Store” link to download and install some of the new fonts offered by Microsoft. It takes you directly to the Fonts page in Store app. Pick one that interests you, and go from there.

Microsoft Store - Fonts

That’s about it. There might be new changes and features added in the final version but even in the beta, it’s already way better than the old Fonts applet in Control Panel. The preview with the custom text as well as the variable properties page is going to be very useful to a lot of designers.



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