BlueStacks Lets You Run Android Apps on Windows 7


This is so cool. A virtualization solution that lets you run Android apps fluidly on Windows 7 systems, or even Windows 8. If you are currently looking for a way to port Android apps on Windows system, looking no farther, this App from BlueStacks is all you need. It’s a magic piece that puts Android in to the multi-platform category.


The BlueStacks App Player runs like a desktop widget at the top right corner of your desktop after installed. It runs Android apps pretty smoothly in full-screen. The App Player comes with 10 pre-installed apps out of the box but you can get more apps through BlueStacks Cloud Connect, which requires a Facebook authentication to get in. You can install up to 26 of them with the App Player.

It works on Windows 7 machine and it’s free. I’ve also tested on a Windows 8 tablet, which works even better because you’ve got the touch experience along with the app.


Isn’t it cool?



  1. Haha, I see you guys just got the announcement that BlueStacks was finally available for download. I grabbed it yesterday or the day before and it’s been a really neat experience playing with the apps on Win7. So cool!

  2. You have to connect with facebook (requiring 1, a facebook, and 2, the desire to let this shit spam my friends), and you’re limited to 26 apps. Why? Whhhyyyyyy


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