BluetoothLogView to Keep Tracking the Bluetooth Devices Around You


BluetoothLogView is a new utility by NirSoft that monitors the activity of Bluetooth devices in your area, and displays a log of Bluetooth devices on the main window. Every time when the tool detects a device that arrives in your area or leaves it creates a new entry line in the tool detailing with the information like Device Name, Address, Event Time, etc..

Because the tool uses the Bluetooth capability on your computer, it only works on a computer that has Bluetooh and that has been turned on.

Here is an interesting use of this tool, described on the product page,If you have neighbors or family members that use a cellular phone with Bluetooth turned on, you can easily find out when they come home and when they leave. A new log line will be added every time that their cellular phone arrives to your area and every time that their cellular phone left your area.

And indeed, it is. I turned on and off my Bluetooh feature on my iPhone a couple of time, and BluetoothLogView detected it no problem.


The description column in the tool is customizable to allow you to set your own description for every Bluetooth device detected.

The detail log can also be exported as HTML format. Simply right click any entry in the list and choose either All items or Selected items. The report will be shown in the default browser right away.

You can put it into the system tray to get out of your way but still leave it running at the background. And you can simply do so from Options menu.



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