Bringing Windows 8 Modern UI to Windows 7 with WinMetro


I believe guys from IObit likes the new Windows 8 Modern UI, aka Metro UI, so much that they want to use them even on Windows 7 machines. They even developed a tweaking tool called WinMetro that brings the new UI over on Windows 7 so people who are currently on Windows 7 but like the new way Windows 8 presents can use and benefit from it too.

WinMetro #1

WinMetro offers an easy solution for old version Windows users to try and enjoy the tile based Metro UI. By displaying useful information such as weather, calendar, news, stocks, and frequently used programs, it turns your desktop into an informative and productive work station. It also offers the option to boot to Metro Start Screen directly, just click the Gear icon at the top right corner to bring up the settings popup.

WinMetro Settings

Press Win + I to bring up the Charm bar, just like you did on Windows 8, that have the options like Volume control, network settings, and power options.

WinMetro Charm Bar

The power options are also added in the picture context menu as well, for your convenience. If you want to power off or restart the computer, just click on the user picture at the top right area and that will bring down a list of available options.

WinMetro Power Option

WinMetro is current still in beta, so feel free to feed them your feedback through the link you can find at the bottom of the application. It works on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, both 32bit and 64bit editions.

Final Words

The Modern UI is a very controversial design that the ratio of love, like, or hate is spread evenly that there is no clear signal indicating that it will be a successful approach to Microsoft. Personally, I don’t find there will be too much of a value added to port over the Modern UI on Windows 7 system because after all, it doesn’t make any sense using Modern UI on a non-touchable devices, like most of the Windows 7 machines.



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