CPU-Z Gathers Your Computer Information in Detail [Tool]


imageCPU-Z is a freeware system tool that gathers information on some of the main devices of your computer system, such as CPU processor, Main Motherboard, Memory, Graphics, and Caches, based on the detection engine built upon CPUID System Information Development Kit.

You can download the latest version of installation binary file from the website, and install it on your computer. It also has the portable version in zip format that can be launched without first installing it, which may be more convenient and useful to most of the users.

The tool is very easy to use. Simply launch the program and it starts gathering the information on its own and shows you the results in a few seconds. The result comes out in one simple window with several tab at the top to switch.




You can export and save the results in TXT and HTML format as your reference in the future.


It also includes a validating process that allows to record your CPU-Z data within a database, which helps them to result in several statistics. So help them if you can.

The tool is built by the same guys in CPUID who also made the HWMonitor that we covered before.

Overall, it’s a great useful tool that gathers more information about your computer than what most of us expect. If you want to know more about your computer, you should give this tool a try.

Size: 1M
Publisher: CPUID
Version: 1.53
Release Date: Dec 20, 2009
OS: All windows OS
64-bit: Supported


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