Desktop Modify Organizes Your Desktop in Different Shapes and Styles



Desktop Modify is a free desktop organizer that dresses up your desktop uniquely by arranging your icons on your desktop into many different shapes and styles. If you are like me having a bad habit saving many different things on the desktop you are about to love this little tool. Not only does it make your desktop stylish, but also helps you organize it in a much better way.

Installation process is painless, despite that you will need to be careful not installing the embedded Babylon toolbar along the way.  Once it’s installed you can simply launch it either from the start menu or on the desktop. If you have less than 10 icons on your desktop, the program will simply quit because it’s not enough to make a great shape out of it.

Desktop Modify #2

There are total 77 predefined shapes available to choose from in 5 different categories (Basic shapes, Christmas, Nature, Objects, Others). You can organize your desktop by starting one of the shapes, and then style them in a way you like, move around to reposition the icons. And all the changes can be saved and called up later on with just a single click.

Working on the dual-monitor setup with Desktop Modify may be a little bit tricky. From my own test, it keeps staying on a desktop that’s not set as primary for some reason. Other than that, it works great and pretty fun.

See it in action from below:




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