Download Nitro PDF Reader On Windows 7, Premium Feature Free Software


Are you still using Adobe PDF reader? If so, you should seriously take consideration of trying some other great alternatives. We’ve covered Foxit Reader before, and today we are going to introduce something that you’ve never seen before.


Nitro PDF reader is the first of its kind that build specifically for the modern Windows OS. It comes with the Windows Ribbon UI, just like what you normally see in Office 2007/2010 or other new Windows native applications such as Paint and Wordpad.


Nitro PDF reader is not only a standalone PDF reader, but also a PDF creator in some sort that creates PDF files on the fly. You can create new PDF documents simply by dragging any format of the file you want to covert and dropping them onto the Nitro PDF reader icon.

You can also print any documents to PDF via a fake printer drive from other applications.

Here are some more nice neat features from this version of software. Check it out.

Download the Nitro PDF Reader




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