Dropbox Adds Public Links to Every File and Folder Stored in Your Account


Dropbox announced a change in the latest update that now you can share any files and folders in your Dropbox quickly with a public link. Previously, in order to do the same, you will need to move or copy the content into Public folder in your Dropbox folder first before making a public link with it.

To get the link,

On the web,

dropbox public link web

On the desktop, right click the file/folder, go to Dropbox, and Get link.

dropbox public link desktop

On your smartphone devices, open the file and hit the link icon at the bottom left corner.

dropbox public link mobile

You may wonder when you should be using this new sharing feature while Dropbox has the share folder feature already in place from the beginning. Here is what Dropbox team suggests, which makes perfect sense to me.

Don’t know when to use links instead of shared folders? Here’s our advice: if multiple people need to edit the same set of stuff, a shared folder is best. If not, then links are the way to go! Linking is much faster, and it’s also the best way to make your content shine on the web.

Besides, if you even concern about the files being public seen through the link, stick with the shared folder idea.



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