Easily Install Update and Fix Windows Device Drivers with DriveTheLife


One of the daunting things when setting up a new Windows is to find the right drivers for network, video, audio, etc. And what’s more daunting is that to get the computer running stable down the road without breaking down you need to keep these drivers up-to-date. Since having the right and up-to-date drivers is so important to the devices that run inside the computer, if there is a way that can easily get a new computer up and running with the latest device drivers, I am all for it.

Drive The Life is a free Windows driver update software that not only scans and updates the out-of-date drivers but also fixes those corrupted and broken ones easily and quickly. It’s totally free and 100% compatible with Windows from Vista up with support for all hardware devices with massive manufactory resources.

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Every time you launch the tool, it scans what’s in the system and lists all drivers that need update or fix in the Overview tab. You can also switch to Download tab and use the big green Start button to do repairing and updating the same time.

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The tool can also be set to automatically run at Windows startup, and run health check either every time or the first time of the day. You can definitely set it and leave it to run on its own.

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It’s worth noting that Drive The Life also have a separate standalone component called DriveTheLife for Network Card that installs drivers for network adapter when there is no internet and no drive available after a fresh install of Windows. It’s going to make a lot of people’s life a lot easier, me included.

Overall, Drive The Life is a nicely made software for updating Windows device drivers. I will definitely include it in my toolbox and on my computer. I only wish that the tool can automatically create a system restore point before fixing or applying a drive update. This way, people can revert back to the way it was before a log easier when things go off the track.


  1. Got the PRO edition: Malware Present/Keeps on crashing!
    I thought it was going to keep my laptop drivers in good and updated condition but I was so wrong! It is USELESS!
    A few days after buying the pro edition (paid), it was alright. It updated my drivers pretty well. Then came the crashing problem. I reported it to the software developer but they did nothing. Except to get a few email correspondences and that is it! My Bitdefender sotware also keeps on blocking the malwares from this driver talent tool!
    In summary, just do not buy this garbage of software. I am actually disappointed that a tech website gave a good rating for it. That is one reason I bought it in the first place. It does not work, no accountability from the developers, no resolution for the said problem..waste of money and time!
    How many stars?? 0 out of 5 stars if you will ask me!

    • Sorry to hear that and thanks for the feedback. It was reviewed three years ago. I guess they didn’t keep their product up to speed. Hope you have tried to cancel your order and got your money back.


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